The AGM Rewards Program

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AGM Rewards is an innovative open-loop rewards program that allows your most valuable customers to accumulate points from their business with you and redeem those points directly to an AGM Rewards Prepaid Mastercard®. With each AGM Point worth £1, they can use their redeemed points to enjoy whatever they want.

Optimizing loyalty from valuable customers should be a key strategic objective for all companies. At AGM we help our members by monetizing our loyalty program, which delivers greater customer value, enhanced engagement, and improved customer intelligence.

Most loyalty programs treat their rewards points like store credits, thereby forcing the customers to redeem them in a limited way. With the multi-currency AGM Rewards Prepaid Mastercard, a world of shopping options opens up before your customers.

The management of the AGM Rewards Prepaid Mastercard and members' purchase of AGM Points, is handled through the AGM Membership Portal, a platform that integrates with our back-end CRM system and invoicing software.  All of our existing systems are secure, cloud-based, fault-tolerant, and backed up both online and offline, providing excellent quality assurance.